Awara IT has become the best Microsoft Power BI implementation partner in Russia in 2018 and 2019.

Power BI is a solution for data visualization and analysis. It helps companies make faster and more reliable decisions using large amounts of data from various sources. This tool is used at all levels within a company and provides dozens of graphs, area charts, scatter charts, pipes. It imports data from majority of file types – xls, csv, text, databases and even web pages. Power BI operates with all data storage sources:

  • ERP: Microsoft Dynamics, 1C, SAP, Oracle, др
  • Clouds: Azure SQL Database, Stream Analytics, Machine Learning, HDInsight, etc.
  • Local applications: xlsx, csv, text, json, xml, html
  • Databases: MS SQL, SQL Server, MySQL
  • Web pages

Awara IFRS Reporter with Power BI

We have created IFRS reporting solution specifically for representative offices of international companies and Russian businesses that require IFRS reporting. The tool called Awara IFRS Reporter based on Power BI is intended for IFRS reporting professionals. It allows producing GAAP, IFRS, or other reports for the required period with one button click, re-distributing data between parameters in IFRS accounts, “fast close” when IFRS reports provided prior to Russian accounting standard reports and also enables customized reports and automated emailing for assigned users.


How Awara IFRS Reporter supports companies:

  • Minimizes efforts for IFRS reports preparation: once having set up the mapping rules, preparation of reports is done as automatically as possible. Awara IFRS Reporter automatically converts data according to set rules.
  • Unified approach to management reporting preparation
  • Full and correct audit trail between Russian accounting standards and IFRS standards
  • Consolidated reports for all company’s legal entities

Awara IT additional services

  • We prepare complex operational, strategic and analytic reports and dashboards
  • We offer additional tailor-made visualizations based on R-scripts
  • We provide Power BI integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • We select the most appropriate data interpretations for improved decision making
  • We offer trainings intended for business users for DAX, Power Query, etc.

For more information, demos or to book a meeting please feel free to email us:

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