Microsoft Announces end of mainstream support for Dynamics NAV 2013 and Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 on January 9, 2018. We highly recommend upgrade for all current users of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 (and later). The new Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 version will be available on December 1, 2018.

  1. Multi languages interface Muli-language interface is available by default on the very first steps of working with Dynamics NAV 2018.
  2. Integration API. REST API based on web-servicesc is added. API entities can be used by themselves or with extensions when elements of user interface should be added or some changes should be done in NAV 2018 business logic.
  3. Settings and extensions, workplace personal settings User role interface now includes additional menu with settings and extensions. When setting a company, you can use setup wizard or manual wizard (setup plan in earlier versions). This new personalization tool helps user to customize data formats for this particular user or user groups (system administrator function).
  4. Preview and print reports  Invoices, tax reports, balances and other financial documents will now be available from preview in Dynamics NAV. No additional export is required. Print out is also possible from browser itself.
  5. Financial reporting analysis in Microsoft Excel Business manager and Accountant user roles now can choose financial reports with simple choice from drop-down list in “Reports”. This report can be open in Excel or Excel Online.
  6. User Tasks  Create tasks for yourself, assign to colleagues, mark as done.
  7. Synchronization with CRM in background mode.
  8. Power BI reports New Power BI visualization tool for getting data from your reports. You can add reports from often used lists in NAV.
  9. Mass orders and invoices posting  To do so, just choose required documents and then click “Publish selected”.
  10. Image Analyzer extension. This extension uses image recognition based on Microsoft Cognitive Services in order to choose image attributes that you can add to elements or contacts: Contacts – gender or age. Elements: define type and color attributes. E.g. table or car, red or blue. Image Analyzer will provide tags based on attributes that computer vision API identifies with a certain level of accuracy.
  11. Even more Web-focused based on global Microsoft cloud strategy. NAV 2018 additional developments are also carried out via web.
  12. Improved changed global dimensions Earlier NAV versions consisted of one big transaction in “Changed global dimensions” report. That transaction was blocking all actions. NAV 2018 version report operates the following way: the task is solved in parallel lines and is submitted in table with separated background tasks. Other users can read data in tables that are not included into global dimensions updates. Make sure that al changes in tables are blocked until they are not fully updated. Any unsuccessful tasks can be started from the termination point. 
  13. For international companies we recommend the following functionality: Intrastat reporting improvements, submission of EC Sales List with more than 9999 lines
  14. Contractor identification based on Registration Number (for UK only). Awara IT offers proprietary NAV 2018 solution that helps identify contractors based on their Personal Tax Reference number.

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