Microsoft Dynamics 365 puts all business solutions your company requires into one unified environment. It is a combination of finances, resource management, sales, marketing, service. ERP and CRM solutions by Microsoft are already combined. Below we will share key benefits and ways Dynamics 365 solves your business needs. Microsoft enables two key changes – service model adoption and digital business transformation. 

  • No more “products” – we deal with solutions
  • All solutions are based on the platform elements and do not require additional integration
  • Platform elements are scalable, you can switch them on and off when needed
  • From now, IT department is a service provider of new solutions and no longer responsible for products implementation
  • IT provider’s key value is its competence and understanding of customer’s challenges, ability to offer optimal solutions
  • In the upcoming years IT infrastructure shall be Azure cloud-based

Microsoft Dynamics 365 functional solutions at a glance: How will new Microsoft’s approach benefit customers? 

  • Global vendor’s solution
  • Platform is constantly improving, new components are added into the key solution
  • Vast customization options according to changing requirements
  • Clear visualizations of business processes, leads and opportunities
  • Cross-sales and other sales types
  • Collaborative work, team work tools, simple interaction between departments
  • Seamless integration with Office 365, Power BI, Skype for Business, SharePoint
  • One-click data export and import (corresponding user rights required)
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • CRM acccess from Microsoft Outlook (Office 365)
  • Flexible reporting customization
  • Ready-to-use mobile app
  • Data protection according to Microsoft security standards
  • Available in Azure cloud and OnPremise

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