Awara IT ERPaaS

Awara IT is pleased to introduce a new ERP implementation model – ERP as as service. This model is new to the Russian market as well but is already gaining popularity. ERPaaS aimed at ERP implementations “by subscriptions” with no large investments at the project start.

Today’s world is constantly changing, and these changes happen faster and faster. Companies can no longer spend 3-6 months for pre-study stages and following even longer developing stages, as the risk not to meet environment requirements is too high. #ERPaaS is a new implementation approach at the Russian market. It comprises of short agile sprints that are easily managed, have defined priorities and almost immediate payoffs. Such projects costs are transfered to OPEX. We are happy to have already used this approach at a number of projects in Russia. Below is the list of most relevant cases:

  1. Dynamic business structure, or various changes within company’s operations – e.g. retail sector
  2. New business operations in the new region, abroad or in Russia. At this specific stage the company requires integrator’s support, e.g. business processes consulting or local legislation or accounting support
  3. The company is ready to invest in requirements specification and to discuss project details but not to spend months on it
  4. MVP (minimum valuable product) project stage is enough for the company’s business at the very beginning. Based on ERPaaS this stage will kick-off the project while all additional developments and improvements will be added later according to the project roadmap. Important thing is that project priorities might be changed as quickly as the business itself.
  5. The company appreciates fixed payments for each period of time, for certain amount of work done. These works are not divided into small unclear blocks, on the contrary – all payments are foreseeable for upcoming years.
  6. Additional value. For instance, the company is looking for bookkeeping or tax accounting, IFRS reporting, IT infrastructure and many more. All additional services come from one provider and are included in one bill.
  7. ERP implementation risk reduction. ERPaaS gives clear results on each project stage, even a small one. Priorities and speed of implementation can be adjusted at any time.

If this approach matches your vision, please feel free to contact us any time. We are happy to know your opinion and share our competence within Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX, NAV and 1С!

Awara IT sales team is happy to answer your questions on ERPaaS:  +7 (812) 244-04-40