Unilever is one of the leading global consumer goods companies. About 2,5 billion people use Unilever’s products each day, with over 150 000 employees delivering customer’s success. Headquarters are located in Rotterdam and London.



Unilever development team is responsible for the most optimal business processes implementation. As the scope of the local IT tasks is constantly growing, the decision to forward some tasks to the Awara IT team was made. Unilever’s in-house IT team would have focused on business-critical challenges.

Awara IT has offered a unique approach of cooperation that is fully based on trust and reliability. Representatives of Unilever contact Awara IT with a clear business task that is solved by our consultants in the most optimal way – it can be Excel macros or PoweApps or any other suitable tool.

At times there is no time to prepare a detailed task description, then this job is done by Awara IT. We dive into the task, prepare description and offer the most suitable solution. The next step is clearly a solution itself.  It is one of the most valuable and innovative approaches to the customer.



We implemented several small automation tasks focusing on the speed of delivery. This is especially important because these small business tasks should be solved really quickly when it comes to logistics. Awara IT succeeded as we are eager to quickly understand the task and use the most optimal IT solutions to get quick results.

E.g. PowerApps helps to forward special offers in certain supermarkets. We proposed a simple interface that assists Unilever’s team members with choosing the right information about the special offer. They need to choose a supermarket, products and discount. As all information is stored inside the app, it takes only minutes to follow this process. Earlier this task was very time-consuming.

We are happy to continue this fruitful cooperation.