When you click Get it now button you are redirected into your Power BI private profile. You will be asked if you need to install the app. Please click “Install”. When your app is installed, you will see “Project Manager Reporter” in the list of your apps. Click this app and then click “Explore app”. On the next step you will see a dashboard with the demo report. If you are interested in this particular reporting please contact us to request further report implementation.

How to use
You are now given 11-pages report. Each report provides information about current projects.
  1. Projects – project form. Here you can see information on project flow and its progress, costs and labor costs related to particular project.
  2. Milestones Summary – general information on all project passed milestones.
  3. Milestones – here you will get information on passed and future project milestones, as well as planned deadlines (missed or met deadlines)
  4. Tasks – Gantt chart for tasks, including project filters
  5. Tasks cost – actual costs and baseline costs correspondence
  6. Resource Summary – report on workload and efficiency of used resources
  7. Resources – report on tasks implemented based on project resources
  8. Base workload a period – resources workload for a certain period
  9. Competition Percentage – project results evaluation related to company’s departments.
  10. Priority – this report helps you evaluate how investment projects influence your company’s target achievements.
  11. Portfolio Analysis – this report shows the percentage of investment projects influencing company’s target achievements.


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