Awara IT provides IT consulting and Microsoft solutions implementation. We focus on international businesses automation and assist global companies on the Russian and CIS market. We have deep understanding of Russian tax and management reporting, our IFRS and RAS expertise is proved by dozens of implemented projects. With the key expertise in financials, we are now serving most industries, specifically retail, distribution, manufacturing, agriculture. oil and gas. horeca and construction. We are confident enough to say we are one of the most active Microsoft partners in Russia.

Among our valued customers are representatives of retail, trade, hospitality, production, construction, finances and other key industries. For easier communication with international partners, Awara IT has locations in Russia, Spain, Kazakhstan, USA and Finland. Awara IT experience within automation of financials for various industries is the leading competence proved by numerous projects.

Key services:

  • Accounting/ERP systems
  • CRM: sales, service, marketing
  • Design and prototyping
  • Communications
  • Cloud computing, big data, AI, ML, cognitive services, web services, bots
  • Creating apps, intelligent virtual assistants
  • BI solutions
  • License sales
  • Accounting outsourcing using non-1C tools
  • Digital twins, IoT
  • VR, Hololens2
  • Corporate learning
  • Security

Awara IT is a Microsoft Partner of the year in Russia and has also won numerous awards in ERP, Teamwork, BI, and cloud solutions. We are the first to know, test, and share front-line Microsoft products and technologies, buckle down complex but critical for our customers’ aspects of licensing and implementation. We are proud to employ Microsoft Certified Trainers, MVPs, certified accountants, auditors, IFRS, and RAS reporting professionals.

Moreover, we are networking with foreign partners who might need local support of their customers when they expand to Russian market, with certain strong partnerships settled down already.