Virtual workplaces on Microsoft Azure

Awara IT offers a solution for rapid deployment of remote workplaces using Microsoft 365.
The objective is to minimize IT infrastructure costs and ensure that employees have consistent access to data regardless of the type of device they use or the location from which they work.


How does the solution work?

Users work on local PCs connected to desktops in cloud-based Azure. Although nothing changes in appearance for users, the solution significantly increases data safety, and users have guaranteed access to data from anywhere in the world and from any device.

This is especially relevant when it is necessary to ensure that employees working from home, on frequent business trips, or working in the office do their job with the same high productivity.


For whom?

Companies employing at least 50 people, with a growing number of employees working remotely and in the office.


How to deploy the solution?

Awara IT specialists will create remote workplaces as part of your subscription. A subscription to Microsoft 365 or Windows 10 Enterprise is sufficient. We care about the health of your and our employees, so all communications with customers and project teams are conducted online.



  1. You pay only for the actually used capacity (no costs for organizing workplaces);
  2. A complete workplace is available from home or the office;
  3. New users are connected quickly and easily;
  4. You use Azure for safe and reliable work on a daily basis as part of your subscription to Microsoft 365.