Special offer: SAP on Azure

Awara IT supports SAP S/4HANA system integrators upgrade their customers to newer versions or implement SAP. We provide efficient development and testing environment based on Microsoft Azure.

No need to code at your own server. No extra capacity taken from your local environment for development and testing.
When additional resources are required it is easy to add them. Cutting costs on local resources that are temporarily needed for DevOps teams. You do not pay for resources when you do not use them.
You can easily add new remote team members.
Flexible resource management and control

Intended for:
Companies that implement customized SAP S/4HANA or companies that upgrade SAP versions
Companies with limited server capacity

Fast setup – takes up to 30 minutes
Rational usage of services and capacity

1+ day for implementation
150 USD per month
SAP S/4HANA + Microsoft Azure