Reynaers Aluminium uses Power BI reports to optimize business processes


Reynaers Aluminium is a leading European specialist in the development and marketing of innovative and sustainable aluminium solutions. The company operates in 40 countries with annual turnover of 400 mln Euros.  Energy saving and environment are one of the key principles of Reynaers Aluminium operations.



Reynaers Aluminum tracked deadlines and results in oversaturated Excel files. This product was not sufficient to control and correct the time from the date of creation to the date of shipment a product to the customer. In addition, it was necessary to control and plan the workload of each production site. Excel was also used to summarize corporate results and it complicated and slowed down many processes. Additional task was to promptly prepare reports on the plan-fact of the previous and future periods.

Microsoft Power BI became the most appropriate solution that, unlike Excel, could provide a clear and simple access to all important information.
Awara IT consultants prepared a general corporate report, and a report for colouring and assembling stages. Report data was collected from various Excel files in accordance to specified internal logic.



  • Power BI report allowed to significantly reduce time for planning the workload of the Reynaers Aluminum production facility. Now employees in the supply or sales departments track every order and line item along the production path.
  • Reynaers’ employee need less time to control and plan the timing of the product at each stage of production. This allows you to predict the time of production of similar orders, to identify and eliminate production errors that slow down the process.