Project management with Microsoft Teams

Awara IT helps companies improve their teamwork productivity.

Get quick access to all information related to your project, track results and create reports – all in one window using Microsoft Teams.


  • Get a clear picture of your project. Improve decision making.
  • Reduce time for communications inside your team or company
  • Collaborate inside your team or company, store and edit documents together

Intended for:

  • Companies that use project management methodologies
  • Remote teams
  • Companies with several implemented project methodologies

What is inside:

  • Get project plan for your team inside one window
  • Track time spent on assignments and easily control your team
  • Receive regular various reports on your projects
  • Create calendars and tasks for collaborative work
  • Carry online meetings with customers and quickly share important information
  • Access solution anytime, anywhere


  • Fast implementation that takes around 2-3 weeks
  • Easy-to-use, no additional training needed
  • Easy to scale
  • Easy to add new users