Power BI Desktop updates, June 2019

Please find below June updates for Power BI Desktop: reports with an updated interface, filters, formatting and other useful features. A full list of video reviews is available on docs.microsoft.com.

  • Updated panel design
  • Table and matrix total label customization. Updated label management for totals and subtotals card for both columns and rows.
  • Visual header tooltips. A tooltip can be shown directly to the visual’s header.
  • Conditional formatting updates for formatting options. For example, background of the application used to be static, and now it can be changed dynamically depending on your needs.
  • Visual level filters for slicers. Now you can additionally filter the values in the standard visual (for example, using TOP N).
  • Sorting for the performance analyzer pane. There are additional sorting options, for example,  sort ascending of the query execution time. This functionality is useful when working with large amounts of data to optimize queries.
  • Sync slicer support for hierarchy slicer. The hierarchy slicer is a custom element, but very much in demand by users. Added sync of the hierarchy slicer with other report data. Custom elements are now loaded in a separate area.

Awara IT, Microsoft Country Partner of the Year in Russia and Power BI Partner of the Year in Russia, will keep you posted with the key product updates.