App: Timekeeping

Solution capabilities

The purpose of this solution is to monitor the hours worked by employees. When a user starts working on a task, the task is displayed in the list of the user’s active tasks. At the end of the working day, an automatic task status notice will be sent to the user requesting whether it should be closed or not. If the user has completed the task, he/she will close it and record the number of hours required to complete it. Alternatively, users can also close tasks manually at the end of the day.

  • Notices about new tasks or changes in already created tasks are sent to users for their convenience.
  • Users with administrator rights can check and change the time spent on tasks.
  • Reports on the time spent on tasks is available on a Microsoft Teams tab together with filters (employee, work duration, and project task filters).
  • Users receive notifications about new tasks or changes in existing tasks

notification flow

  • Administrator can check or change time spent on certain tasks
  • Report on the time spent on tasks is available inside Microsoft Teams. It can be filtered by work period, employee, project or tasks.

power bi time dashboard



  • Simple implementation and obvious effect: managers and employees can see in one window the work done in a day. They also receive timely notices about new tasks. This helps increasing the team performance as well as billing clients more accurately.
  • Minimization of the costs for the purchase of licenses for timekeeping systems.
  • No licensing cost as only an advanced Office 365 package and Power BI subscription are required to run this solution.


For whom?

This solution would suit any companies from any industries which as a rule work with long-term projects and dispersed/virtual teams.


Implementation and cost

No licensing costs as the only thing required to run the solution is a Microsoft Office 365 package. If additional analytics capabilities are required, then it is possible to purchase a subscription to Power BI Pro.

Our consultants take from 2 weeks to 1.5 months to set up the solution depending on the complexity of the task and the settings required.


Technologies used

  • Office 365: Power Apps, Power Automate, Microsoft Teams
  • Power BI
  • This solution is overall implemented based on Microsoft Teams, or other Microsoft app.


power apps dashboard