Microsoft Teams solution for outsourcing companies

Microsoft Teams for accounting teams offer

This offer is intended for companies that outsource their accounting functions.
Normally companies use emailing when they send out accounting documents to outsourcing companies. This might lead to document loss or misunderstanding, as it is difficult to consolidate information from various emails. This also might affect the status of each task, when it isnt quite clear what is already done and what is in progress. Audit reports might also take longer to prepare

Awara IT offers a simple solution for accounting outsourcing companies. It a form that should be filled in inside Microsoft Teams. Accounting professional fills out a form in Microsoft Teams that indicates the type of document, subsequent actions and attaches the document itself (invoice, act, etc.). After sending the document, all related employees receive notifications that a new document is now in the system and start to work. Contractors see general report about all customers’ documents with a list of documents for processing, and for each client individually. Once the document is processed, the general report reflects the current status and a notification is sent to the representative of the client company.


Why is this approach better than emailing

  • Outsourcing contractor gets important documents only via one communication channel. Document version is included for every document. You can also track all changes made for this document inside Microsoft Teams.
  • Automatic reporting related to document statuses
  • Notifications when new documents are uploaded or any changes made
  • Correspondence related to every document within one environment.



Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Power BI



Implementation takes around 1 working day, and depends on your business processes.


How to book

Feel free to contact Awara IT team for more details and a