New solution: Big data management and business intelligence in Azure

We were deploying Microsoft business intelligence even before the launch of the hit Power BI solution, so we are happy to share the long-awaited news about the integration of the cloud platform Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI.

So, what is Azure Synapse Analytics, and how does its integration with business intelligence help complete big data analytics tasks?

Azure Synapse Analytics is a cloud-based big data management platform which allows working with data on your own terms: you can access any amount of data, and using business intelligence and machine learning tools, analyze them and even make projections and forecasts. It is in fact used to store enterprise data and big data analytics in a single solution. For example, reports are generated or data from Power BI are processed directly in Azure Synapse Analytics in a single workspace. If changes are made to a report in Synapse, all users working on that report will have an updated version.

Results for clients:

  • Data is much faster, more productive, and safer. Analytics are based on all sources from Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 to data stores. Reports can be shared in a few clicks.
  • Intelligent workload management for resolution of critically important business tasks.
  • Reduced data processing time for BI analysts and data engineers as they can work in a single development environment.