Microsoft Teams major updates and Awara IT solutions for Teams

Microsoft Teams is updated with amazing regularity and is being developed even more actively than any other solutions.
We have picked up the most useful functional capabilities and added to them our own ready-made Awara IT solutions for Teams, so that you can:

  • Gather users in a single virtual space: useful for brainstorming sessions, round tables, and other forms of active teamwork;
  • Display content for collaborative work in a convenient way. Dynamic view can show up to 49 people at the same time on a single meeting video screen;
  • Assess the mood in the team;
  • Generate subtitles in real time (this function will be actively developed later this year);
  • Use contact-free office meetings powered by Teams Rooms: join meetings and share content with devices in a conference room using a mobile device or PC;
  • Up to 1,000 participants can be added to a meeting, and 20,000 viewers to an online conference;
  • Whiteboard updates are coming up soon: you will be able to add notes, reply templates allowing you to reply to a message with one click.

Awara IT developments for Microsoft Teams

Awara IT is Teamwork Partner of the Year in Russia, Power Apps Advanced Competency Partner. Only such competencies guarantee optimal implementation of solutions for corporate communications, project management and quick set up of business processes.


To find out more about how best to use standard Microsoft Teams functions and those combined with Awara IT solutions, please send your questions to