Microsoft Teams rooms

What are Microsoft Teams rooms and how they support your business

Teams rooms are designed to hold meetings, online presentations, courses and many more remote tasks using Microsoft Teams app. You can use Teams rooms for office or home space of any size, they are easily integrated with existing telecom and IT infrastructure and provide full Microsoft Teams functionality.

Just compare: most conference calls systems allow you to contact only your team members from other offices. You can normally access video, audio and even presentation but at times it is hardly visible. With Microsoft Teams rooms you use rich Teams functionality, enabling collaborative work, storing documents, making online notes during a conference, video recordings. You can also add your partners, candidates or customers to the call at Microsoft Teams rooms, while other solutions do not offer this option.


How to use

Once you have bought Teams rooms subscription and teleconferencing equipment, we will upgrade your conference room or other workspace. There is a sensor in the centre of the room, which is plugged to your screens, cameras or projectors. The number of cables is minimised, with simple installation and usage process.


What is inside Microsoft Teams rooms

  • Camera content and intelligent video capture. E.g. a presenter writes on the board, but the content is not visible, as he is blocking the board. The speaker can now be made “transparent”, and you will simultaneously see both himself and what is written on the board. This virtual whiteboard is designed for collaborative work as well.
  • Contactless connection to the meeting. When a computer or mobile device running the Teams application is in the vicinity of an available Microsoft Teams room, sensor detects it, allowing you to add this room and join the meeting.
  • Touch displays
  • Instant connection to an on-going meeting
  • Important: security is provided by enterprise-level Windows 10 security services.