Microsoft Teams is 2 years old. And delivers new experiences for the intelligent workplace

Microsoft Teams has turned 2 years old not long ago. Awara IT team has selected the most interesting product updates and shares them with you.

Customized backgrounds 

Working remotely becomes more and more popular among professionals but if you are about to have a video call its not always a good idea to have your house view or train view at the background. Customized background is an irreplaceable option in this case.

Content cameras and Intelligent Capture

Using any USB camera will help you “read” information from the whiteboard. Teams also offers Intelligent Capture to input data, focus, changing image size and improving image and text quality. Intelligent settings will recognize your content even if there is a person standing in front of the whiteboard. Taking part in meetings remotely will be even more productive.

Microsoft Whiteboard 

Microsoft Whiteboard simplifies meetings with remote employees and those in office. This functionality automatically sends out content from the whiteboard itself to the digital whiteboard. So far this functionality is available in preview mode only.

Information barriers avoid conflicts of interest within your organization by limiting which individuals can communicate and collaborate with each other in Microsoft Teams. This helps limit the disclosure of information by controlling communication between the holders of information and colleagues representing different interests. It also helps to solve other telecommunication issues.

Data Loss Prevention in chats and conversations enables customers to detect, automatically protect, and screen for sensitive information in chats and channel conversations. By creating DLP policies, admins can help prevent sensitive information from unintentionally being shared or leaked—either inside or outside of the organization. Messages in chats or groups are checked for the sensitive information according to the policies of your company. If that sensitive information has been identified then the message with this info is blocked and is no longer available for the recipients. Teams will provide user with the information about the blocked message. Security policies are managed and controlled correspondingly, say according to the feedback from users.