Microsoft Teams calls transcribing app

Awara IT offers a solution that converts Microsoft Teams audio and video calls into text, making your team members more productive during calls and simplifying further collaboration. This implementation will help businesses to improve their internal and external communications inside Microsoft Teams with no significant cost.

How it works

At times participants do not have time to keep track of all details during Microsoft Teams audio or video calls. They might use meeting recording to recall certain details, but to do so you need to know for sure which part of the recording you refer to.

What Awara IT offers is a more convenient and reliable way that gives you a call transcription capturing everything that was said at the meeting. Moreover, it notes who said what at a particular moment, and by searching through the content, you can easily find a certain part of the meeting.

When your call is over, it’s contents will be saved at Excel file available for all participants at Files tab, having all data about the call.

Intended for

Mid-size and large companies mainly.

Can be used by Teams users from any department.

Results for businesses

  • This solution saves time for search of certain details mentioned during the call and analyzing call results
  • It helps to analyze if the team of productive during the call. Evaluates the quantity and quality of answers to questions.
  • Additionally, Awara IT offers a Microsoft Teams meeting translator that works with 30 popular languages and helps you participate more productively at international meetings.