Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps opening a new Daniel Wellington store in 10 minutes

The Swedish watch brand Daniel Wellington has introduced in its Russian division Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central from Microsoft Azure cloud. This enterprise management system covers all business processes and allows preparing the opening of a new store in 10 minutes.

Daniel Wellington has been operating in Russia since 2018 with retail outlets in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, as well as an online store. By the time Daniel Wellington was about to launch a new business, it was necessary to automate all work processes in the company’s Russian office. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which was already Daniel Wellington’s official ERP system, was introduced to solve this problem.

Automation saved resources and allowed the company to prepare the opening of a new store in 10 minutes without unnecessary paperwork as 10 minutes is all the time that is needed for specialists to set up the system.

Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365, accounting and tax accounting have been optimized, while the submission of VAT reports in xml format has been customized as well as the calculation of profit tax and property tax. The accounting of imported goods has also been automated so that customs declaration data and data on circulation of goods and their sale are now uploaded automatically. In addition,  Daniel Wellington’s work processes have been integrated with Dreamkas terminals in full compliance with state tax policy and Russian laws. A list of products with their names has been uploaded in those terminals, and sales data are directly sent to Business Central as and when required. The system can generate a report with sales analytics for each warehouse, cash desk and store.

One of the exceptional aspects of this project is that no changes to the company’s standard ERP system were needed for its implementation. Instead, special extensions were created for all the changes necessary for business. The Awara IT team developed several applications that were installed in Daniel Wellington Russian division without changing the initial system code. Thanks to these applications, there are now more working options, and possible updates are much simpler.