Leaning Management System on Microsoft Teams

Awara IT provides a tailored solution for educational institutions that makes remote and on-site education equal by fully automating all educational processes on Microsoft Teams. In other words, this is a ready-to-use LMS (Learning Management System). It covers all educational and administrative processes within an educational institution.

Implementation normally takes around 1 month but might take longer due to customer’s requirements and business processes.


  • Automated schedule of lectures, workshops, and other activities
  • Lectures are held using Microsoft Teams vast features. E.g. students are divided into groups online in order to work in groups.
  • Personal account for students, professors, and university administration.
  • Educational requests
  • Automated collaboration on diplomas
  • Document exchange and document approval


  • Lectures online and on-site are equally productive. Boundaries between learning in class and at home are erased, as students are fully involved in the educational process.
  • Lectures, documents, and other papers are stored in Microsoft OneDrive. It makes daily collaboration smoother, and finding documents is easier as well.
  • Teachers can focus on their key responsibilities but not on administrative matters like document exchange or manual document approval.
  • On-site equipment can be set up remotely if needed. Teachers do not need to spend their time on it.

This solution is very flexible and can be easily customized/enriched with extra university requirements within a short time span. The final cost of this implementation depends on business requirements.