Lamoda systematising pickup points lists using Microsoft 365


Lamoda started its operations back in 2011 as an online store. It is now the largest clothes and lifestyle online retailer in the CIS countries with over 6 million items from 3 000 global and local brands offered. The company employs around 7 thousands professionals, including Central office team in Moscow, locations in Minks, Kyiv, Almaty, automated warehouse, LM Express in-house delivery, IT-hub, and 3 contact centres. The company’s motto is “Fashion for every day”. Lamoda creates effective and useful solutions, provides customers with beautiful and high-quality goods, explains fashion trends, and shows how they apply to your everyday life. Lamoda is a part of Global Fashion Group since 2014.



Lamoda serves customers using pickup point locations among other means of delivery. Every point has certain number of characteristics that should be controlled: rental terms, KPIs, employment contract expiration, etc. When there were only 5 points, Excel did great job covering all the above mentioned parameters – 5 excel sheets for 5 pickup points. Currently, there are over 350 owned points with over 17 thousands partner pickup points, and this means that Excel is no longer an option. It is more and more difficult to find the latest version of this document, search is complicated and takes much time. Lamoda required recommendations from Awara IT on how to improve the process of working with pickup points lists. We offered hackathon approach to find the optimal solution, and in only 30 minutes Awara IT team presented a solution model.


Awara IT provided a simple interface for accessing information about each point. The list is flexibly sorted, filtered, it is easy to configure and change parameters or characteristics. In fact, the solution works as an interactive and easily customizable database. Our solution is developed within earlier purchased Lamoda subscriptions for Microsoft 365.


  • Fast and simple way to find needed information about pickup points
  • Working in one window. No need to switching between apps to look for needed data.
  • User rights: clear and convenient
  • Quick access to updated information