Ivaper automates production processes with 1С:ERP

IVAPER group is one of the leading manufacturers of specialized PVC systems for translucent structures in Russia. IVAPER production facilities are on a site of over 20,000 m2 in St. Petersburg.

The management of the group representative office OOO Kompaniya Profil has decided to automate the calculation of cost and production processes. The company already used the following software programs: MS Excel, 1С: Accounting 2.0, 1С: Trade Management 10.3.

Awara IT was chosen as a partner for process automation. As recommended by the integrator, it was decided to use 1С: ERP 2.4 as this software program best suits IVAPER needs. An important criterion for the automation process was to change the standard functionality as little as possible.

The following tasks were completed successfully during the implementation of this project:

  • The master data directory was revised and systematized to take into account the specifics of each type of product;
  • The accounting of finished products was organized by storage units (range characteristics);
  • The procedure for registration and calculation of release of defective products and raw materials was changed;
  • A document for Transfer Between Shifts used to record production volumes for a specific piece of equipment was developed;
  • Specialized reports were created for analysis of production accounting data, data on balances in various units of measurement;
  • Workplaces were set up for shift foreman and production workers;
  • The automatic issuance of documents for product movement upon scanning of barcode labels was revised and improved;
  • Synchronization between all accounting systems was adjusted;
  • Key users were trained.

Awara IT experts and the IVAPER team conducted an audit of business processes. On the back of this audit, ineffective chains of actions performed by process participants were identified and changed. As part of this project, we provided technical advice on complex issues of production accounting and cost calculation in 1C: ERP.

We also updated 1С: Enterprise Accounting version 2.0 to version 3.0 and 1С: Payroll and HR Management version 2.5 to version 3.1. Automation also allowed us to identify and rectify major problems in production processes.

Thanks to the introduction of a production accounting subsystem, the risk of human errors is now minimized, which is the most important aspect of operational work. The company management receives objective information about the structure of costs for finished products. The appearance of tools for analysis of defective products allows eliminating inefficient production operations and significantly reducing costs.

It is planned to transfer trade accounting and production planning to 1.

With 15 automated workplaces, the system was put into commercial operation in January 2019.