Interview: cybersecurity in logistics from transportation to data transfer

Is it worth thinking about cybersecurity during the season’s holidays times? Indeed and here is why it is important. Delivery services are overbooked, online payments are made even more often than during regular months. People rush to do as much as possible before the new year begins, which adds more security risks to the courier, logistics, and retail businesses. Even more, if you travel during this season that is also a part of the logistics process.

Key insights:

  • Reliable cybersecurity system will put you only one step behind the intruder, not few steps behind
  • Logistics processes contain more sensitive data than social networks
  • 60% of cyber attacks in Russia harm logistics processes and businesses

What should all logistic companies consider in terms of security, what types of businesses are hacked more often, and when is the right time to invest in cybersecurity? Get more details in Dmitry Lappo interview for Microsoft Russia.