Goge.tech start-up supports hearing impaired people

Goge.tech is a start-up that supports people with hearing disabilities better integrate into everyday life and feel complete. Online education is highly demanding these days, so Goge wants educational video content to be available for everyone.

In close cooperation with the customer Awara IT and Goge, created a Microsoft AI and Cognitive Services solution that translates text and videos into sign language in real-time. Built on modules, this solution is very easy to add new languages to, and in fact, has no limitations in terms of audience.

When training a system, it is enough to show how natural language words would look in sign language. Later a neuro-network assigned to a certain natural language, will process data and use it during translation.

With these Microsoft technologies Awara IT was able to create a solution that meets both needs of the customer and most importantly, be useful for its end users. Microsoft Cloud (GPU optimized virtual machine), Azure Functions, Microsoft AI and Cognitive Services implemented by Awara IT team allowed us to fully meet customer’s requirements:

  • Solution should be scalable. Solution for Goge is easy to scale and introduce to more customers within weeks. This solution is repeatable as well.
  • Strict computing performance requirements
  • Existing functionality should be easily changed in accordance with local geographic requirements

The solution is now used by 20 000 users worldwide and this number is growing every week.