Firstline workers workshop

Awara IT holds a workshop intended for companies with numerous firstline workers. It is aimed to explain Microsoft 365 benefits for the firstline workers daily operations and make their work even more productive, enabling higher results for the business.

As firstline workers closely collaborate with end customers, their actions affect business results. With growing impact of customer care, evaluating how frontline workers do, becomes more and more important. During this workshop you will know more about the most relevant IT tools for frontline workers, that will help expanding your company’s potential.


Intended for
Retail, manufacturing, healthcare, service


Microsoft 365: Microsoft Teams, Exchange, Sharepoint


1 work day, online.


After this workshop you will get a clear picture of how frontline workers challenges, bottlenecks and potential
You will gain more knowledge about how to improve their skilss
You will better understand how to maximize productivity of frontline workers