App: PowerApps expense reports


Employees enter their business trip expenses into a convenient and simple mobile application. Completed expense reports are sent to the accounting department or the person that processes them. All business trips for a certain period are stored in one place with dates, cities, business trip purposes, expenses, and expense details.

How does it work?

While on business trip, employees can fill out a form in the application, specifying the duration of the trip, its purpose, dates, etc. When they pay for something, they scan the Federal Tax Service QR code on the receipt. A detailed list of expenses is then generated and will later be displayed in a consolidated business trip pdf file. The pdf file is generated automatically and contains all the business trip information necessary for subsequent reporting to the accounting department (Employee full name, dates, purpose, expenses). If necessary, employees note which expenses should or should not be taken into account. Photos of receipts can be stored inside the application for reporting.

Why is it convenient?

  • Easy to use and feature-rich application
  • Access to all business trips from one application: no need to look for travel details in emails or other sources

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