ESG-friendly manufacturer attains zero-waste production with Azure IoT

Awara IT is delighted to share the first implementation of Azure IoT for an eco-friendly cutlery producer Ecospunz. As a relatively new business, it already delivers up to 1 million spoons, knives and forks globally, targeting to become zero-waste manufacturer.

Currently, Ecospunz has to consider that cutlery production requires certain temperatures, humidity level and smokiness. Another issue is spending extra on cleaning production site and dumping waste (sawdust) into recycle trucks urgently, as it had high risks of spontaneous combustion.

Awara IT came up with a combination of Azure IoT, Power BI and Microsoft Teams solution. Azure sensors collect data from the production line and factory itself and track the temperature of steam (98C) which is a core factor of high-quality product. Real-time information about humidity and smokiness is also collected and later used to create Power BI reports.

Project results:
— Data from sensors gives a real-time picture at the production site
— Cutlery quality is under control, as critical parameters are monitored 24*7*365
— Power BI reports include information about any failures. It can be used in negotiations with contractors to prove their fault
— Elimitating potentially dangerous scenarios at production site
— Zero-waste production supports local ecology, as there is not need to cut more trees to make biomass briquettes or litter boxes. 

For more information about this project please see a short interview with Ecospunz CEO or fill out the form below.