Engineering company manages projects and documentation using Microsoft solutions


Concept Electro is an engineering company that develops and deploys solutions for the automation technological processes, metalworking. The company also manufactures low-voltage complete devices and provides services to the largest mining and telecommunications companies.



Concept Electro had no centralized system for storing and exchanging documents. The company’s documentation was partly stored locally on laptops or even in hard copies. As a result, processing and searching for the necessary documents was not a speedy process.

Another consequence of the company’s growth was that the deadlines for internal tasks were not met, and this could sometimes affect Concept Electro’s relationship with customers. It was necessary to build project management processes and assign responsibility for each task, so the management at Concept Electro decided to automate work with documents and optimize existing business processes.


Solutions and results

The company uses Microsoft Project to ensure professional project management. In this program, deadlines for tasks are set, resources are managed, tasks are assigned to people, and the status of tasks and projects are monitored. Internal communications are conducted in Microsoft Teams.

  • The use of paper documents has been reduced to a minimum;
  • Simpler information search and fewer errors associated with the use of incorrect versions of documents;
  • Boost in teamwork which has positively affected the company’s productivity;
  • Greater safety and transparency of information thanks to the use of cloud solutions
  • Improved project quality and greater work speed which is reflected in the company’s business performance.

This project was implemented jointly with Concept Electro Planning and Development Department.