Enapter’s green energy becomes more affordable with Azure Services


Enapter – designs and manufactures highly efficient hydrogen generators. Enapter’s AEM electrolysers are deployed in over 33 countries, revolutionizing the way that energy is used in the transport, residential and industrial sectors.


The hydrogen is named as the fuel of the future. The only problem that stops fast green hydrogen expansion is price compared with existing fossil fuels. That is why green energy producers target to decrease cost of hydrogen to the level of fossil fuels by decreasing the CAPEX cost for equipment and start mass production. It is critical for them to use the most optimal approaches and solutions.

Enapter collects data from numerous sensors and equipment, another step is to get and analyze these data on time. Equipment should be absolutely safe, and it was important to monitor even minor changes. Enapter is an ambitious and tech-savvy company that has already used Ruby on Rails, Timescale DB, Docker, and other technologies to meet its business processes requirements.

Though only a unified Azure platform has become the optimal solution. Recommendations and approaches presented by Awara IT enabled fast project launch and provided desired reliability.


Solution and results

Awara IT hold several demos of Microsoft’s AI and IoT solutions for the customer. Unified cloud Azure platform available from anywhere and its quick deployment became the key factors to choose Azure.

Technologies used: Azure Digital Twins, IoT, AI, Azure Anomaly Detector.

  • Azure solutions allowed to model and predict the amount of energy that can be sold, equipment failures. and sensors’ efficiency based on collected data
  • Real-time monitoring of 40+ metrics, which includes temperatures, pressure, water flow and level, voltage/amperage, excess energy amount, prediction of failures and demands which helps to efficiently manage the energy system and generate heads-up alarms when parameters go beyond certain level
  • IoT Hub and Digital Twins, supported by Anomaly Detection models, enabled Enapter to avoid long-lasting investment into the development of own solution
  • Time to market significantly reduced. Awara IT estimations show that using proprietary solutions together with Azure could save up to 2 years from development to time-to-market.