Enapter, IoT and Microsoft Partner of the Year by Awara IT

Winning the Microsoft Russia Partner Solutions competition is an achievement that would not have been possible without our clients, especially when this is thanks to thirteen projects – a number which is unprecedented in our history. We would like to thank our clients once again and look back on the projects we have implemented that are deemed to be the best among Russian solutions.

Let’s start with Enapter, a manufacturer of hydrogen generation equipment. This project won in the category Internet of Things. To win in this category, it was necessary to demonstrate the exceptional characteristics of Microsoft Azure services to achieve the client’s objectives, the effect of the solution on the client’s business, and quantitative results. The interaction with Microsoft teams to solve customer problems was also assessed, so here we owe a special mention and thanks to Microsoft Russia represented by our guardian angels Alexey Trofimov and Alexey Sologovnikov.

Enapter designs and manufactures highly efficient hydrogen generators. Enapter has invented the first scalable electrolyzer to replace fossil fuels with green hydrogen. Although the technology is still expensive and requires a significant engineering capability, Enapter has set ambitious goals and wants to make this energy of the future ubiquitous.

Enapter has been building its own cloud platform for 3 years and has worked on Ruby on Rails, Timescale DB, Docker, Grafana and Kubernetes. Despite the short timeframe, the approach came off as optimal, and the solution was very efficient. The efforts that the company made to develop the product, however, did not always translate into quick results as many things needed to be developed: visual monitoring of sensor indicators had to be implemented, situations had to be simulated on digital twins, the safety of devices had to be monitored, and an anomaly detector had to be developed. This required several more years of development and production.

The first demonstrations of Azure services did away with the initial skepticism, and it was decided to start using Azure IoT, Azure Anomaly detector, Azure Digital Twins, and other services. How to predict the amount of energy that should be sold rather than used in a household? Will the energy be used in an hour, or will it last for four days? These and many other questions were easily answered by Azure out-of-the-box services.

Microsoft solutions helped model and predict energy needs, equipment problems, and sensor network performance based on the data collected. Today, 40 indicators are monitored in real time: temperature, pressure, water flow and level, voltage, energy surplus, failure prediction, and demand prediction. This helps manage the power system and warns of potential problems. IoT and digital twin solutions together with anomaly detector models have allowed Enapter to avoid protracted investments in developing its own solution. We estimate that Enapter solutions could have reached the market 2 years earlier than it did if they had been built based on Azure from the beginning.

We continue working with Enapter not only on project development, but Awara IT and Enapter experts have also collaborated to speak together at a Microsoft Build session on sustainable development and won the Axoft Magic People in the category Cloud Transformation.