Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV integration with Kontur.Diadoc contractors' workflow

Awara IT’s Dynamics 365 NAV/ Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central integration with Diadoc document exchange system simplifies document exchange and cooperation with your contractors.

  • Electronic document exchange: invoice, consignment note (TORG 12), certificate of completion
  • From Microsoft Dynamics: cloud signature, signing with a key located on the Diadoc server.
  • Use Microsoft Dynamics NAV / BC web access to work with this integration
  • View document: PDF print from Microsoft Dynamics NAV / BC with a Diadoc stamp
  • Contractor Status Tracking: Invitation sent / accepted / rejected. Works both ways – client-provider
  • Linking contractors (customers and NAV suppliers) to organizations in EDI
  • Recording logs of user actions that work with EDI functionality
  • Sending unstructured documents: signed Diadoc images, e.g. agreements, proposals, or any other customer’s custom forms
  • Sending structured documents not regulated by the Federal Tax Service: for example, invoices for payment, price list, reconciliation report.
  • Role-based access: user tasks for creating / signing / sending documents
  • Documents statuses: tracking documents statuses created / signed by “us” / sent / received by the contractor/ signed by the contractor
  • Documents drafts: before sending a draft document is created for internal control
  • Selecting types of documents to create and send: sending various types of documents to contractors.

Intended for

This solution is widely used by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/ NAV users who wish to optimize document exchange operations with contractors using Diadoc.

This approach speeds up production processes and ensures the proper level of their quality, eliminating the amount of erroneous data. You will be able to compare documents in the accounting system with their electronic versions sent or received from contractors.

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