Delivery resource planning on Microsoft Power Platform


Unilever is one of the leading global consumer goods companies. About 2,5 billion people use Unilever’s products each day, with over 150 000 employees delivering customer’s success. Headquarters are located in Rotterdam and London.


Delivery resource planning requires numerous reports from different systems and further consolidation in Excel files. Depending on the number of goods left, requests for the supply of missing items were formed. Employees exchanged emails with those Excel files, adding more complications and less transparency.

Solution and results

  • With Microsoft Azure, all documents are processed in the cloud,
  • We provided automated calculations and reports on additional deliveries based on Power Apps.
  • The delivery resource planning model is now well-structured and parameterized, considering the loading of warehouses and factories, taking into account expiration dates
  • Convenient and understandable reports on the status of stock balances in warehouses are provided to the management team.
  • Up-to-date data or changes in balance calculations are carried out promptly.