Data Warehouse: 1-day assessment

Awara IT supports companies with 1-day assessment that is intended to build a cloud or hybrid storage that will then help you to use your large amounts of data efficiently.

The main target: Provide an efficient data delivery to the end users from ERP, BI, SCADA or EPM.

Intended forSMBs and large enterprises with large amounts of data.

Example: After the assessment we will plug a small online service in the middle of the existing data processing process. E.g. between SQL and Power BI we will add Azure Analysis Services.

Why you need 1-day Data Warehouse assessment:

  • Interact with your data in a fast and efficient way on any level to achieve your targets.
  • Get fast data processing
  • Easily adapt your storage systems to changing architecture and business requests, with applying only minor changes.


Azure solutions: Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure CosmosDB, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Share, Azure Databricks and more.