CNews: Digitalization life hacks from Microsoft partners

Cnews online has released a series of articles with business digitalization lifehacks. The authors of these articles are experts from Microsoft partner companies which won the Microsoft partnership contest in various categories in 2018-2019. Microsoft Partner of the Year in Russia in 2019 and winner of three local nominations, Awara IT is among these authors.

In his article, Awara IT Managing Partner Alexander Ermakov recommends following technology trends. “Constantly keeping abreast of new technologies is critical for business and should be done non-stop, because technological backwardness will make competing with more digitally advanced market players impossible,” sums up Alexander.

As an example of strategically effective digital business transformation, Alexander shared some significant cases of the year. One of them is Awara IT solution for Business Central in Russia with local data collection and cloud analytics. This solution helped the client to enter the Russian market without a hitch technically as well as from a legal standpoint.

coffee house with artificial intelligence and blockchain is another example which became known before its opening thanks to a new approach to HoReCa. Awara IT experts developed for this coffee house the Microsoft Azure-based Trace Coffee Beans blockchain solution which helps tracking the entire delivery route from plantation to cup, ensuring information safety and consistency. The focus of this solution is on fair trade and ethical production.