Chatbots on Microsoft Azure

Chatbots and use cases

Awara IT builds chatbots to support administrative and HR tasks. All solutions are developed based on Microsoft Azure.

Chat-bots are often used as Helpdesk for external users; they help to manage HR, internal communications and requests, administrative processes, production – everything related to quick selection of information from various data sources; as well as downloading of documentation, documents upon hiring, etc.


  • Basic tasks. Download documents, get a list of addresses, schedule, etc. The dialogue with the chatbot is preconfigured. Even business users can develop chatbots of this level.
  • Engaging tasks. User support, solving simple organizational issues. Two-way communication is possible. Use of the administrator interface.
  • Smart distribution. Example: a request made in the technical support system is assigned not to a specific employee, but to a model that determines to whom the request should be sent. If the model fails to complete the task, then the user assigns it.
  • Bulk data processing tasks.An interface is added to the chatbot to ensure convenient and productive receipt of information. Example: A user requests information about transactions from CRM. If a classic chatbot is used, then it will ask clarifying questions (e.g. what transactions, for what period, from which user), and this makes work more difficult and can annoy the user. In this case, an additional interface helps as it processes the user’s request and delivers what the user wants.



  • Quick access to information. No need to waste employees’ time and extra money on routine work.
  • Savings on end user licenses.