Calendar of Microsoft Dynamics conferences Y2019

Awara IT team highly recommends the following international Microsoft Dynamics conferences. Please follow us to find out most relevant updates.


Dates Conference name Link Location Type
All year Microsoft Ignite – The Tour Misc. Misc.
11.03-14.03 Focus 2019 Houston, USA BC, FO,CRM
17.03-22.03 MVP Global Summit Bellevue & Redmond, WA Misc.
24.03-27.03 Extreme365 Amsterdam, Netherlands FO, BC, CRM
26.03 Experts Live US Austin, TX Misc.
27.03-29.03 User Group Summit Europe Amsterdam, Netherlands FO, CRM
27.03-29.03 Power Platform Summit Europe Amsterdam, Netherlands Power Platform
01.04-02.04 Directions Asia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia BC, CRM
29.04-01.05 CRM Evolution Washington, D.C. CRM
?? Microsoft Build ?? Misc.
05.05-08.05 Directions NA Las Vegas, NV BC
27.05-29.05 European Collaboration Summit WIESBADEN, GERMANY Misc.
29.05 Experts Live Norway Oslo, Norway Misc.
10.06-11.06 Microsoft Business Applications Summit Atlanta, GA BC, FO, CRM
14.07-18.07 Microsoft Inspire Las Vegas, Nevada Misc.
09.10-11.10 Directions EMEA Vienna, Austria BC
04.11-08.11 Microsoft Ignite Orlando, FL Misc.
05.11-27.11 Collaborate Canada Misc., Canada Misc.
13.10-18.10 User Group Summit NA Orlando, FL BC, FO, CRM
21.11-22.11 NAV TechDays Antwerp, Belgium BC