Best of 2019: Top articles from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central & NAV experts

Awara IT is delighted to see Alexander Ermakov, MVP, Awara IT managing partner and Andrey Baludin, MVP, senior developer, among the top authors writing about Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC. Please see the abstract below. Full text is available at MSDynamicsWorld.


Microsoft worked to set the long-term trajectory for Dynamics 365 Business Central in 2019 with important product and partner plan updates. Those decisions have set in motion a huge range of responses from the Dynamics ecosystem, ranging from customer roadmap planning to ISV product management to partner channel alliances to services delivery models.

Looking back at the articles written by subject matter experts for MSDW this year, the range of perspectives is striking for its breadth of topics: training, product features, partner policies, licensing, Azure technology, and more. Here are 10 of the most popular expert articles of the year, with our deep thanks to all of the authors for their contributions.

Dynamics 365 Business Central integration capabilities: Using an Arduino with Azure Functions

When Microsoft MVP Alexander Ermakov and his colleague Andrey Baludin added an alcohol breath analyzer to their sales order creation process, it wasn’t just good corporate governance. It was also part of Ermakov’s effort to promote the practice of adding automation and custom services in Azure instead of within Business Central whenever possible.

Having that power in our hands, we strongly advise you to first look at the set of Azure Services available before you go customizing your standard Dynamics application.

There are great integration possibilities which we can utilize, and IoT is no exception. As an example, my colleague Andrey Baludin and I were presenting a sample case, demonstrating how easy and powerful the integration with IoT devices through Azure Functions is at the latest NAV TechDays conference in Antwerp.