Azure DevOps for 1С

About this offer

Some peculiarities of development and testing with 1C, requires better approach to the overall software development process. Using best practices of Azure DevOps you will be able to plan a deployment timeline as no sprint size is set. Track automatically who did what, organize work and control indicators in the cloud.


Intended for

1С development project managers, IT specialists, 1С administrators, 1С customizers, CIOs, digital transformation directors.


What is inside

  • Task scheduling and tracking
  • Source code, data, code quality management
  • Continuous deployment
  • Easy connection of necessary tools
  • Release and test management



  • Transparent development based on close teamwork and automation;
  • Monitoring of the performance of 1С resources and their use for making informed decisions (allows tracking potential development issues before they arise);
  • Detailed planning stages, 2-week sprints;
  • Automatic efficient allocation of resources;
  • As a result, faster team interaction and development speed. Visual assessment of work results.