Awara IT takes customer service to the next level with Microsoft Teams

At Awara IT, we value anything that makes it possible to reduce the time it takes to develop and implement solutions. For this very reason, we have worked hard to get Microsoft Teams Advanced Specializations, which endorse our exceptional skills in implementing and using Microsoft Teams to streamline workflow. Today, Awara IT is the only company that can boast such achievements in Russia.

Customizing Microsoft Teams for your company

We recommend Microsoft Teams as a single workspace, so that there is no need to switch between multiple apps and services. There is no need to prepare lengthy guidelines for new employees, who can therefore get involved more quickly in the process. The security standard remains high as always, so there are no risks of password leakage, unexpected crosstalk, and data leakage. Key business processes are in fact conducted in a single Teams workplace: employees talk, complete tasks, and report on accomplishments. Results are obtained immediately in digital form, so work performance can be assessed quickly. Our experts propose ways of getting started with Teams and help you make better use of your existing product.

Telephony is a proven economic advantage for Microsoft Teams.

We have done a lot for Teams to stop being a “messenger” and become a center of full-fledged collaboration, so we offer Teams Meeting Rooms or Teams powered telephony. Do you remember how long it takes to start a video conference call in a meeting room? This entails finding the right cable, adjusting the sound, starting the presentation, etc. There is no need to purchase and set up complex equipment for Teams meeting rooms which are easy to roll out and use. A conference call in Teams Meeting Rooms can start with a single click. Microsoft Teams allows switching to remote work, coming back to office work, and combining remote and office work. Quick start, minimum “hardware”.  Microsoft Teams is full of ready-made free or paid apps from Teams marketplace.

Awara IT conducts training and audits to avoid possible setup errors. We also assess whether using Microsoft Teams is an effective option. If you want to save on “ground” communication today, we can help with telephony deployment and support.

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