Awara IT at Microsoft Summit: The Art of Transformation

The Microsoft summit dedicated to digital transformation took place on May 29, 2019. At this summit, experts and event attendees discussed the new challenges and prospects for digital transformation as well as the criteria for evaluating a new business environment.

Awara IT presented three products at the exhibition of industrial solutions:

  • An industrial solution which includes the organization of interaction, the management of service requests from Teams messenger and support service with augmented reality.
  • An instructional solution which consists of a set of mobile devices and software and can coordinate employee training within a company, on the road or at home.
  • A blockchain solution to track coffee supplies which monitors the journey of coffee beans from plantation to cup.

The summit ended with an art show titled The Alliance of Man and Artificial Intelligence. Using Azure ML, Awara IT experts trained a neural network model to compare the work of the artist Wassily Kandinsky and the musical works that inspired him to make them. The neural network analyzed the relationship between painting and music, mastered the principles underlying the creation of Kandisky’s paintings (forms, composition, color) and then painted a picture in the style of Kandinsky on the song of the group Alliance “At Dawn.”

The audience was impressed by the art show which demonstrated how artificial intelligence can make creative works which are on a par with those made by humans. Awara IT experts will continue to amaze people with their unusual use of Microsoft technologies and creative approach to business tasks.