Awara IT recommendations. What you need to know for a smooth start with Microsoft Azure

A lot has already been said about Azure, a powerful and reliable platform offering dozens of services and great opportunities for IT and business. It is exactly that, but some of our partners have requested some basic references for cloud-based work, so we have started posting a series of brief recommendations in which we share tips so that those who have started using the platform can work well with it.

Where to get started with Azure?

  1. As cliché as it may sound, first you must understand the terminology. Portal and guidelines
  2. Create a free account. You will need to confirm your Microsoft Account with your full name and credit card details. An Azure test subscription gives you 12 months of free use, a credit of 12,500 rubles for the first 30 days of use, 25 free products for 30 days (then unlimited after subscription payment), with no automatic costs so you will receive a request for switching to paid subscription only after 30 days. A detailed list of everything that is offered as part of the free subscription can be found here.
  3. Watch the introductory webinar to create and manage resources:
  • Creating virtual machines;
  • Creating web applications;
  • Deploying SQL databases;
  • Configuring DevOps dashboards.

To purchase a subscription, we recommend choosing a Microsoft partner that will assist with such purchase and, if necessary, will also guide you through the process as well as offer ready-made solutions for cloud-based services.

In our next issue, we will tell you exactly how to deploy a website on Microsoft Azure.