Awara IT becomes the main Solver partner in Russia and the CIS countries

Awara IT has become the main Solver partner in Russia and the CIS countries. Partnership agreement was signed in February, 2020.

Solver is a flexible data analysis tool intended for various departments and legal entities within holding companies, with various consolidation modes. Solver solutions are widely used by the business owners, C-level managers, as well as line managers. With Solver, companies get prompt answers not only on the sales volume or costs, but on the efforts that have been made to achieve certain targets or plans. This platform also assists businesses of all verticals to plan their operations based on expected scenario, budget all their business levels, get tables and visuals for planned vs actual indexes of any operations.

Visual inside Solver can be received with ERP, CRM or external warehouse connectors. Plan models are built with the Excel-based interface with no intermediary OLAP cubes data re-engineering. Customers are also provided with the ready-to-use integrations with Microsoft Dynamics AX/NAV/CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Awara IT implements and sells Solver solutions together with its regional partners.

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