AquaHelp simplifies communication and reduces workload in Microsoft Teams


AquaHelp is a major engineering company that provides water supply and hydrogeology services. One of its divisions Hydrogeological Expert Bureau coordinates the preparation of project documentation, assesses groundwater resources, conducts monitoring observations and groundwater inflow testing.


The client’s key business process is the maintenance of major documentation and strictly regulated procedure for assessing groundwater resources, monitoring observations, and groundwater inflow testing. Time management and task allocation among employees required special attention. A clear procedure had to be set up to regulate the work performed by specific employees so that they end up with a manageable workload which in turn allows fulfilling contracts with no delay.


Each stage of the work performed by the company’s Hydrogeological Expert Bureau is recorded in Microsoft Project. Work on each project is fully scheduled as is the procedure for all points of performance in Microsoft Project. When a document is received and to whom it is forwarded can be tracked.

Communication within project teams is conducted in Microsoft Teams, and numerous project documentation is also stored in Microsoft Teams.

Sophisticated and well-regulated communications have improved business processes within the company, making them more efficient and relevant. Each Expert Bureau employee also sees the tasks they must do and their timeline. Task managers see the same, and our client considers that it was Teams that played an important role in reducing human error as well as speeding up work while improving its quality.

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