App: Workplace booking

How the workplace booking app helps

Employees can choose on their mobile phone or a computer desktop the number of an office or workplace suitable for their job, i.e. with the necessary furniture, office and telecom equipment. If an office is already booked, it will be marked as such, and the name of the employee who booked it earlier will also be visible. A booking can be canceled in the same interface, and in this case, the previously booked office is returned in the list of vacant offices..

For whom?

Companies that continue operating during the current pandemic (banks, service, manufacturing, and other enterprises) must follow Rospotrebnadzor recommendations such as having separate offices for employees, organizing work in shifts, observing social distancing.


  • Finding vacant places
  • Viewing room layout
  • Booking management
  • Finding colleagues
  • Filtering and sorting available resources
  • Tracking bookings