App: Internal communication automation

How the solution helps

With “communicator”, companies build and simplify internal communications between employees based on Microsoft Teams. Employees receive only the information that is relevant to them in the form of notifications in Teams. This approach ensures that they are not distracted by superfluous communications from the HR department so that they can focus on the tasks at hand. Employees responsible for disseminating information ensure the appropriate level of confidentiality of corporate information.

An additional application for Microsoft Teams is also offered to clients to create a convenient interface for defining and resolving end-user problems. The application can be easily be integrated with third-party services. It displays a simple news feed and any other notifications necessary for work or access to the company’s internal services. Microsoft Teams thereby becomes a single solution point for user tasks.


For whom

The solution can be used in retail, trade, service companies with many staff working at retail or service points.



  • Customers end up with a convenient communication tool that ensures prompter and more appropriate distribution of messages compared to email;
  • The solution simplifies and speeds up the delivery of important information to employees. They receive only the notifications directly related to their business processes, i.e. they are less distracted and spend more time working;
  • The solution improves the quality and speed at which tasks are completed thanks to the personalized interface in Microsoft Teams.


How the solution works

For the convenience of all parties involved, the solution is rolled out as notifications in Microsoft Teams channels and chats. It is possible to structure and segment lists for mailing, and adding and removing recipients is much easier than using an email mailing system.