Reima is the leading brand in functional kids’ wear, with HQ in Finland. Digitization is in the core of Reima’s strategy, which is only about sales but the whole value chain. It allows the company to build new business models to serve customers even better.


The largest Reima market is Russia, therefore, specific requirements are imposed on the Russian representative office. The outdated version of the ERP system did not satisfy the volume of tasks and the efficiency of their solution. Integration with logistics providers software, on one hand, and distributors and their own retail outlets, on the other hand, required an effective system of goods distribution management. One of the main challenges was corporate report preparation, as it was very time and effort-consuming. It was required to implement the registration of goods taking into account export VAT and domestic VAT at different rates. The development of electronic sales channels also required updating the system. Integration with existing systems in the Finnish head office was required, primarily with corporate Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


Awara IT has successfully used its 20-year experience in tax and corporate reporting automation, as well as key business processes automation during this valuable project.

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV roll-out and successful implementation
  • Integration with the corporate Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Various integrations with third-party systems, including re-sellers, logistics operators, etc.
  • Power BI for IFRS reporting automation
  • Goods recorded based on export VAT
  • Automated warehouse, sales, purchases, and financials
  • Trimit solution: additional Finnish add-on for the clothing industry, extended stock lists

Reporting process became much faster. Before Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade this process took around 1-2 weeks. After implementation it now takes only 2-3 days. Manual data processing is also minimised.