What is CRM from Microsoft?

Microsoft offers an approach that helps you connect data and relationships, integrate analytics into your decision-making processes, and achieve demanded day-to-day customer experience results.
This approach combines Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Service and Marketing for better relationships with your customers. Whether in the cloud or on premises, it’s easy to set up and offers reliable ways to automate and structure customer data.

Working in CRM from Microsoft is using the maximum of customer data, looking at the customer at 360 degrees, the ability to contact him at the right time and only with a targeted offer.


Awara IT services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Marketing, Service implementation and support
Complex integrations with document exchange solutions, data storages, etc
Optimization of existing customer service, support, marketing or sales processes.
Integrations with business analytics solutions, specifically Microsoft Power BI.


Other solutions

  • Solutions for field service with the support of remote specialists. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist.
  • Awara IT own apps based on Microsoft Teams: solutions for first-line workers, technical support apps, mini CRM and more.
  • Deep insights into customer data collected from disparate sources within a single Dynamics 365 Customer Insights app. The goal is to learn how to exceed customer expectations, which is especially important in a competitive environment.


Awara IT projects

Please check the list of Microsoft Dynamics projects by Awara IT.