Expense Allocator for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 

This tool allows to set up rules and parameters for creating journal lines.

Please find solution description below.

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How to use:

  1. Open ExpenseAllocator:

2. Set lines

Batch nameCreate several Batches with settings for closing period. E.g. if it is necessary to transfer amount to account and after that transfer amount from account.
AccountAnalyses amount on this account according set ups in lines, Date range, and put this account to journal line.


Bal. AccountPut this account as balance account to journal line
Use DimensionSet up dividing amount by dimension set. If fields Global Dim1… Shortcut Dim5 have checkmark “Yes”, system will check amount on account by dimensions and will create journal lines for amounts by dimension set.
Dimensions (Region code, Profit center code…)Filter fields, it is possible to specify value for filter amounts.
Close with AccountIf you specify account to this field system will replace account in journal line.
Close with Dim.If you specify dimension value to this field system will replace value for this dimension in journal lines.


Net changeIf you put checkmark to this field system will check turnover for account for Data range, if not system will check balance by account to the end of Data range.
CorrectionSet “yes” if you want to have correction checkmark for journal line.



3. Fill all lines.

It is necessary to run Closing period by every STEPS: For month closing: STEP1, STEP2, For year closing: STEP1..STEP5.

4. Fill in the fields at the top of the page:

Gl. Accounts BatchBatches with settings for closing period (STEP1..STEP5).
Jnl. Batch CodeFinancial journal, which will create closing entries.
Date RangePeriod of closing (for month ex.01.04.18..30.04.18, for year ex.01.01.18..31.12.18).
Posting DatePosting date for entries, last date of period, it is possible to use Closing date.
Document No.document number for closing entries.



5. Run the task – click “Prepare Closing Operations”.

Chosen journal will be open automatically.


6. Check and post prepared entries.

7. Repeat actions 4-6 for each steps (STEP2..STEP5).