About JAC

JAC is one of the global leaders of the professional bread production. JAC equipment operates at small bakeries, retail chains and large bakery production sites. Official distribution network consists of 400 enterprises in 80 countries. Key production sites are located in Belgium and France, with subsidiaries in USA and Russia. As JAC products fit any types of bread, this approach makes it easier to match tastes of bakery fans and helps bakers improve their professional knowledge and creativity.

Project scope and key automation tasks were very well-known for the Awara IT team. It was required to enable a fast start of JAC operations on the Russian market, automate sales, distribution and finance processes with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Project results

  • JAC key business processes are fully automated
  • All company’s offices operates within the unified ERP system that covers France, Belgium and USA companies.
  • Provided solution fully matches local legislation and accounting standards
  • Microsoft Dynamics АХ covers unified business processes within the group of companies
  • Unified financial reporting for the head office of JAC is prepared in Microsoft Dynamics АХ

We are proud to reduce costs on support and maintenance of several financial systems used by JAC, due to implementing only one unified solution on the Microsoft Dynamics platform.